By drawing on an extensive knowledge of consumer trends and buyers’ expectations, Di Oro Interiors designs warm and inviting interiors that maximise the sense of space and create show-stopping homes. Our staged homes exude aspirational lifestyles, increase viewings and attract high quality perspective purchasers.

When searching for a property online, the decision to request a viewing is made on average in less than 3 seconds according to Rightmove. So poor first impressions can result in homebuyers not choosing to consider a house if they are not impressed straight away. When preparing your house for sale, we tailor it to the widest target market and we make sure that your house and all the photos taken by the estate agent of your choice have the wow factor.

Our aim is to minimise those aspects that make your house less desirable, whilst drawing attention to those features that appeal to today’s buyers. The changes which we propose will never be too costly. Oftentimes it is the case of careful editing, rearranging the furniture layout and/or adding key statement pieces, always with the aim of making sure that the space feels warm and welcoming.

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