This service is offered to property developers who seek to harness the full potential of their properties. By relying on extensive knowledge of consumer trends and people’s expectations, Di Oro Interiors designs warm and inviting interiors that maximise the sense of space and create the WOW factor. We prepare show homes by providing and installing everything down to soft furnishings, furniture, artwork and accessories. Thanks to our extensive experience, we design, furnish and install both high-end and cost-effective show homes that always achieve extremely quick sale and help raise the profile of your company.

At Di Oro Interiors we know that unfurnished rooms appear considerably smaller and less appealing than furnished ones and as a result tend to languish on the market for months, forcing investors to drop the purchase price in order to achieve a quick sale. It is no secret that many people find it hard to visualise how furniture fits in a space and that they need to buy into a specific look because of lack of time or ability to translate their dream space into reality.

By allowing us to dress your show home, we can also provide your company with the opportunity to achieve extra income as the items of furniture can be purchased as extras by the homebuyers. Last but not least, as well as helping you to achieve the sale of your development, we will help promote the image of your company by raising its profile and  making it a talking point in the property market.

We can arrange the best package to suit your company’s needs. The option is there to either purchase the items used to dress the show home or alternatively rent them on a fixed monthly basis.

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